There are builder flats as well as society flats.

The documents required are as follows 
Land Registry (Clear Title) Approved from competent authority (In case of 
Dera Bassi and Zirakpur, it is MC Promoter License issued by GMADA 
NOC’s pertaining to Pollution, Fire, Airport Authority, Change of Land Use (CLU), if the project has come up after 13th June. Projects floated before June 13, 2013 doesn’t require CLU permission.

Allotment Letter 
Builder-Buyer Agreement 
Possession Letter 
Transfer Application along with transfer 
Registry (in lieu of the all four documents 
mentioned above) 
Sale Agreement

The following are the Construction/Civic 
authorities in the city: 
Municipal Council Chief Town Planner 

Yes, there are zoning plans for residential, 
commercial and industrial sites etc. Zoning plans of the areas have been laid down by the Municipal Corporation, Improvement Trust and Development Authorities restricting covered areas of the plots as well as the height of the buildings and the number of storeys on which it can be built. Similarly, it prescribes the distance from the road side etc. 
The question whether a property is a residential / commercial could be gathered from the approved building plan of the property which is a must before financing of any property and also by going through the tax receipts of property. 
As far as the question of property whether being in urban area / rural area / agricultural property, the said fact could be easily known by going through the jamabandi and if the said fact is not clear from jamabandi, we can ask for one certificate called “Hadood certificate” as issued by Sub Registrar wherein it is specifically mentioned that the property in question mentioning the specific Khasra  Nos is within M.C. Limits or outside the same.

A building plan is required to be approved 
by the local Municipal Corporation, and yes completion certificate is also issued by the M.C., after calculating any kind of compounding fee if at all it is required to be levied only for small irregularities. For major alterations and violations, individual buildings are demolished. Compounding fee is normally charged for any wrongful / excess construction done in the building in question. Broadly the permissions required 
Change of Land Use (CLU) 
Pollution Department 
Fire Department 
Electricity Department
Airforce Authorities

The registrar offices can be located at: 
For HUDA Properties, it is DC office at Panchkula Tehsil 
For properties located in Zirakpur or Dera Bassi, the Registrar office is in Dera Bassi 
For properties at Kharar, it is in Kharar itself 
For Mohali and Mullanpur, it is in Mohali

No, In case of registration of property, the deed is normally returned in a day or so and for that we get one registration receipt from the Sub Registrar and normally the original sale deed is handed over to the person who shows that receipt to the o/o of Sub Registrar on the appointed day.

a. Loan agreement: 
Rs 25 / Rs. 300 / Rs. 2000 
b. Power of attorney: 
General Power of Attorney Rs. 300 Special power of attorney Rs. 100 
c. Demand Promissory note : 
Rs.2 revenue stamp 
d. Indemnity bond: Rs.20/- 
e. Deed of guarantee: Rs. 25/-

Note: Above-mentioned fees are subject to change. Please consult your local body for current fee.

For Ladies, it is 8% Stamp Duty + 
Registration fee as per the collector rate

For Joint Registry with Ladies & Gents as
co-owners, it is 9% stamp duty + Registration fee as per the collector rate.
For Gentlemen, Companies and Firms, it
is 10% stamp duty + Registration fee as per the collector rate.
The following section of Q & A’s will put a
property buyer in a better position to understand that how a property can be funded for.