Flats in Zirakpur

 With a vision to provide much-needed Real Estate developments to the City  Beautiful, Barnala Realtech came into being. The focus in all these years has been  a common man who nurtures the dreams of owning his own land one day; and  Barnala Realtech wishes to make all those dreams come true sans the struggle,  hassles and all tensions. The group has been committed to provide the best  options in the residential sector, commercial real estate, retail and so on in or  around the Tricity after successful completion of MayaGreens Flats in  Zirakpur.
 Barnala Realtech started with developing modern and stylish apartments in apt  locations; the successful completion of MayaGreens Flats in Zirakpur vouches for their passion, dedication and trustworthiness. The Group has used its extensive experience in construction and development of custom-built homes, keeping in mind the significant decisive factors like Affordability, Timelines, Quality, Security and Efficient Project management. The Group’s first Real Estate project, Maya Greens flats in Zirakpur has seen millions of rupees being invested; and every rupee has been worth seeing the joy and pride it has now added to the resident’s lives.

The legacy of excellent work with the commitment of providing ‘Real Gains in Real Estate’ continues in their Aquagreen flats in Zirakpur also and the same has been receiving over-whelming response for its modern construction methodologies and Luxurious comforts at the price that fits the budget for the one who wants to own a Flat in Zirakpur or near Chandigarh

After successful completion  of   MayaGreens Flats in Zirakpur Barnala Realtech is continuously striving to reach greater heights by implementing niche residential & commercial projects with a philosophy to develop real estate by introducing innovative concepts, and by achieving the highest levels of quality, customer care and satisfaction. The speed at which this group has made its reputation and goodwill in the ever-fluctuating Real Estate industry is truly incredible and reflects the company’s deep passion, commitment and expertise